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Innovating into 2018 and Beyond by Phil Duff CEO SYSPRO

“For the past few months, SYSPRO’s Executive team has been hard at work on our plans for 2018 and beyond. We have focused on SYSPRO’s functional enhancements, innovations and architectural changes.
Our upcoming version, SYSPRO 8, is scheduled for general release on 1 June 2018. Fortunately, our customers don’t have to wait until then as a sneak preview is available to all customers who are registered on the Support Zone.
Click here to check it out on the SYSPRO 8 microsite – you can run the product in the cloud, explore the new functionality and view the product roadmap that covers product development for the next two to three years. We are also looking for selected customers to participate in the Release Candidate Program that will kick off in March, so if you’re interested please let us know.
SYSPRO 8 incorporates SYSPRO Avanti, our web-based version of SYSPRO. It is designed to run In any web browser and doesn’t require client installation, so you can use it from your desktop browser, from anywhere, at any time.
Please look at the microsite for more details on this new web-based version, and make the most of the opportunity to test drive both SYSPRO 8 and SYSPRO Avanti.
Apart from these functional improvements, we are working on some interesting innovations for next year. SYSPRO has embraced the new world of Social ERP with a new member of the product stack: a Bot called Ken who can respond to customer and employee requests 24/7. Ken can answer questions related to SYSPRO data. A few examples are:
 What is customer ‘xxx’ balance?
 When did customer ‘yyy’ last pay?
 Do we have available stock for part number ‘01010’?
 When will order ‘abc’ be delivered?
 What is the status of Job ‘xyz’?
We see Ken as an extension of your workforce which can be accessed via most platforms including WebChat, Facebook and Slack. Not only can he answer questions; with the appropriate authority levels, Ken will be able to perform actions such as:
 Send a statement to a customer on request
 Create simple orders
 Perform a price check
We are working closely with Microsoft to bring this to fruition in 2018.

SYSPRO has also made a significant investment in embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI) into SYSPRO 8 as a first class citizen. The world of AI and its applications are endless, so in 2018 we will focus on the following aspects:
Predictions – Using advanced machine learning algorithms to predict when a customer will potentially purchase a particular product, or when you should use a certain supplier to procure a particular product, or when a debtor is likely to default on payment.
Anomaly Detection – Using past and present data to detect anomalies and trends. With this technology, we are able to push information to key people in the business without them having to investigate manually, a form of automation that was unheard of in the past.
Recommendations – Assist Sales in cross- and up-selling. For example, when sales people are capturing an order, the system will recommend ‘people who buy x also buy y’.
From a broader perspective, we recognize that the ability to run SYSPRO in the cloud is becoming increasingly important and we want to give our customers the choice of running SYSPRO Avanti either on the cloud or on premise.
In fact, one of our guiding principles is to focus our product development on optimizing SYSPRO for the cloud.
This includes enabling high scalability so that the product can scale to large volumes of transactions, and it’s the
reason SQL is our chosen platform as it allows us to get the best out of the relational database.
Thank you for your continued support,”


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