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Implementation of Business Solution, Support on all Hardware and Software and Training of employees that will work on the system.

We analyse and redesign workflows within your enterprise in order to optimize end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks

We provide systematic, independent and well documented processes which allow us monitor and maintain a stable Business Environment

We strategically roll-out hardware, software and infrastructure with little to no delay. Ensuring your business never experiences downtime.

We practice outsourcing on a proactive basis and manage responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

We specialize in building and maintaining a robust infrastructure which are cloud and mobile based and accessible from anywhere.

We provide functional/operational reporting.Management reporting.Analytical Reporting (BI)

Design & Development

Our people have a passion for developing cutting edge software to simplify business processes. Choosing the right technology at the right time enables us to create device agnostic solutions which can grow together with your business.

Hardware, Software and Infrastructure

INICIO Business Solutions are here to install and support a world-class business solution and to maximise you our client’s benefit.